I was watching this scene again and I had a theory.

What if nomads, or star nomads, had a tradition or duty that if anyone wanted to travel like them (or with them), they sang the ‘If you wander over yonder’ song and gave them a star emblem to give them blessings before they set off on their own?

Like the star is a symbol of traveling because the stars are considered a symbol of the whole universe, so anyone who has a star on any part of them, people of different planets can assume that they are travelers and have no place to stay, so the citizens could offer shelter and food to those who have stars.

and singing the song is just a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. It isn’t done much anymore because not every nomad can sing, but it sort of considered bad luck on the new travelers part if they don’t get their parting  song, or their star for that matter.

also, I see Sylvia nodding her head to the beat and then looking at Wander  and I just like to think that she is remembering a time where Wander had sang that song to her when she decided she wanted to travel with him. I’d also like to think that she has a star somewhere on her. Like maybe on her saddle blanket or something.

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